About Bella Rosa Mexico

  Hola, Bella Rosa has certainly been a   labour of love for us both and a long one in the making!

  About 15 years ago I made my first trip  to   Mexico from my home country of New   Zealand, road tripping down the coast of   Baja California with a couple of friends. It   was on that trip that I bought my favourite handmade leather bag from a small market stall in the middle of nowhere from a lady who spoke no English and I no Espanol, but I fell in love with it, kept it and treasured it as my favourite memory from Mexico.

Fast forward 15 years later, and many trips back, my husband Andres who is from the Mexican state San Louis Portosi and I, now reside in Sydney, Australia. We recently travelled to the Southern State of Chiapas where we got to see first hand where my favourite bags come from, how they are made, the families that invest all their time and energy into making such a beautiful product and the benefit the whole community can get from us being able to sell their products.

We wanted to be able to bring back and show our community what amazing products are being made by hand by these artisans and the stunning designs that make them so unique.

I hope everyone loves these bags and the story behind them as much as we do and appreciates the beautiful craftsmanship that goes into making them a quality one of a kind product.

Gracias Fiona & Andres x