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Luna 2

Luna 2

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Get ready to rock the vintage vibes with this handmade beauty! With its unique hand-tooled design and vintage-inspired style, it's a true standout in the crowd.

Each Luna Bag is handmade with love and attention to detail, making it as unique as you are. No two bags are exactly the same, so you can confidently rock your Luna Bag, knowing you're carrying a true original.

  • Thick Leather - Unlined
  • Measurements: L 23,H 23, W 9 cm
  • Adjustable strap for length
  • Circle loop opening
  • Handcrafted and handmade by Mayan Artisans In Mexico
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Due to the handmade nature of the leather, each product is not exactly the same and therefore there may be slight imperfections on the leather and the tooling, which is completely natural and those imperfections is what makes them so unique.

Handmade With Love From Mexico

Deditcated to supporting local artisans and their families.

20% of profit goes directly back to the community.